This is the “Products offer” of Henk-400, these items and goods are usually out of stock and, in terms of price inquiry and delivery time, need time, be clear in your application so that we can procide you with an appropiate offer and deliver the items you desire.

Be aware, not all we can provide is listed in this section, many parts we can make on request or gain through our network.


Body parts Carosserieonderdelen For most auto sport vehicles we can supply polyester and kevlar-carbon parts, which mainly include the brands: Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford and Opel. Furthermore, we can also supply plastic windows (3mm thick), which mainly includes the brands: Audi, Porsche, VW and Opel, other thicknesses, brands and types are also available, even flat plate is available. In many cases we can also supply sheet metal parts of most brands and types.

Prices on request


Customised products

We can provide customized parts for you, such as reinforced half shafts, Customised rear axle, steering houses, pulleys for car racing, manifolds, Uniballs and adjustable tow bars, etc.

The possibilities are various


Custom engines

We can revise and modify your delivered engine for almost any brand and type, and it is also possible to design a complete engine for you. In our offer for Opel you will also find our engine, the CIH 16V, specially made to replace the so-called 400 engine for Opel.

We can also provide seperate spare parts for each brand and type of engine


Motor sport parts Sandtler Produkten

We are supplier of Sandtler products, among other things, we can supply any part of the car (auto sport), which includes not only the technical parts but also cloths, chairs, electrics, couplings, stickers, etc.

Apart of the Sandtler products, you can also come to us for most of the issues in the auto sport area

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